Faster Web Page Downloads

As you might expect, faster downloads come at a price: mini images.

Mini images means you see a lot less detail. Even though they are 1/4-size (137 x 110 pixels), they take up about 40% of the memory used by 274 x 219 pictures. Which is to say I expect overall download speeds should only be twice as fast (ie. take about half as much time); rather than the four times faster that you might like.

I have also removed background pictures, and you will find more photo pages with less pictures per page.

I personally feel mini images are too small, but I know some of you have slow connections, so being able to download "quickly" is important.

If you click the mini-images you will view the same large pictures as on my normal web pages. I've heard these can take up to 3 minutes to open in your browser. You can then right mouse click the images to save them onto you hard drive.

**Important Note** You can directly download the images by right mouse clicking the file size at the bottom left or right of the picture. Select "Save Target As." The left number is typically for 274 x 219 pictures, while the right is for 1027 x 821 (a few pictures were cropped, resulting in other sizes).